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In 2005-06, I'll be co-ordinating and teaching in the undergraduate core course in IS. I'll also be teaching the Economics of IT research seminar for doctoral students in Spring 2006.

If you're looking for material or home pages for my courses from earlier semesters, the links below might help. If you recall using a password-protected course web site, this site may still be active on the NYU Blackboard web server.

this page isn't current.

Some recent courses

  • B20.3345 Doctoral seminar (Economics of IT): Spring 2004 course home page

  • B55.3338 Electronic Commerce: Fall 2001, Spring 2002 overview site

  • B20.3389 Doctoral Seminar (Selected Topics on the Economics of IT): Fall 2001 course home page

  • C20.0001 Information Systems for Managers: Fall 1999 course home page

  • B20.3389 Doctoral Seminar (Electronic Commerce and Internet Technologies): Fall 1999 schedule

  • C20.0045 Telecommunications and Networking: Spring 1999 course home page