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This site aims to serve as a resource for people interested in the industrial organization of information technology industries. The field of 'industrial organization' is often better thought of as 'the economics of firms and markets', or 'the economics of imperfect competition'. Information technology industries have many unique characteristics that makes their economics in this context different, and their analysis particularly interesting.

The industrial organization of information technology is a broad subject, with a growing number of current and important research questions. Some representative issues that work in this area aims to illuminate include whether splitting up Microsoft is socially beneficial, what the appropriate cap on local market share should be for media companies, how strategy in the music industry should change in response to Napster-like threats, whether RBOCs should be required to lease their residential lines to competing DSL providers, and whether bilateral entry by cable and telephone service companies into each others' industries will benefit consumers in the long run.

Most of the content and links on this site is organized based on a set of specific topics (pricing, network effects and so on, accessible via the sub-menu of links above). I hope to activate more topics under development (light grey) soon. Suggestions for content and new topics are most welcome.

General-purpose resources
  • Workshop on Information Systems and Economics: Now in its 15th year, this is the best-established forum for the presentation of new research on information technology and economics. The workshop format allows interesting and substantive discussion of work that is in progress, and it attracts over 100 of the leading researchers in the field each year.
  • Information Rules: Perhaps the most widely read book on the subject, and considered by many as the definitive managerial guide. Related resources include the Information Economy, and Hal Varian's papers
  • The Economics of Networks: Nicholas Economides' site dedicated to network economics, the Microsoft case, telecommunications policy and a number related subjects. A remarkable collection of links to research papers.
  • Industrial Organization of the Internet: Joseph Harrington's list of links to books, journals and statistics.
  • ZEW Conference: Focused on the economics of information and communications technology, has a significant fraction of applied IO papers. Its scheduled to be held for at least one more year (2005).

    Journals in which you're most likely to find new research on the subject
    (listed alphabetically)
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Information Economics and Policy
  • Information Systems Research
  • International Journal of Industrial Organization
  • Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
  • Journal of Industrial Economics
  • Journal of Management Information Systems
  • Management Science
  • Rand Journal of Economics
  • Review of Industrial Organization

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