Rolling Readings: Fall 1999

Unless otherwise specified, sessions will be on Wednesday mornings, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in MEC 9-172

Topic and Speaker(s)
9/8/99MIS Research Frameworks
Prof. Hank Lucas
  • Lucas, "Information technology for Management"excerpt
  • Gorry and Morton, "A framework for MIS"
  • Mason and Mitroff, "A program for researchon MIS"
  • Ives, Hamilton and Davis, "A framework forresearch in computer-based MIS"
9/15/99Theory building in MIS
Prof. Hank Lucas
  • Dubin, "Theory building in applied areas", 
  • Sutton and Shaw, "What theory is not"
  • Keen, "MIS Research: reference disciplinesand a cumulative tradition.
9/22/99Dissertations, faculty research
IS department faculty
  • Davis, "The dissertation proposal"
9/29/99Data communications fundamentals
Prof. Norman White
  • White, N., Data communications: some basics
  • Sterling, B., A short history of the Internet
  • Zakon, R. H., Hobbes Internet Timeline v4.2
  • Three chapters of a TCP/IP textbook
Note: Friday
1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Wide-Area Wireless Data Networks
Ken Budka (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs)
Arnab Das (Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs)
  • Budka, K., Jiang, H. and Sommers, S. E., Cellular Digital Packet Data Networks
  • Tuttlebee, W., You’ll Never Talk Alone.
  • Pandya, R., Emerging Mobile and Personal Communication Systems.
  • Sollenberger, N., Seshadri, N., and Cox, R., The Evolution of IS-136 TDMA for Third Generation Wireless Systems.
  • Ojanpera, T., and Prasad, R., An Overview of Third-Generation Wireless Personal Communications: A European Perspective.
  • Goodman, D., Cellular Packet Communications.
10/13/99Recommender and Personalization Technologies
Prof. Alex Tuzhilin

Search and Mediation Technologies
Prof. Vasilis Vassalos
  • Adomavicius, G. and Tuzhilin, A., User Profiling in Personalization Applications through Rule Discovery and Validation
  • Pazzani, M., A Framework for Collaborative, Content-Based and demographic Filtering.
  • Stohr, E. A., and Viswanathan, S., Recommender Systems: Decision Support for the Information Economy.
  • Tuzhilin, A., The E-Butler Service, or Has the Age of Electronic Personal Decision Making Assistants Arrived?
  • Members of the Clever Project, Hypersearching the Web.
  • Garcia-Molina, H., et al., The TSIMMIS Approach to Mediation: Data Models and Languages.
  • Gravano, L. and Papakonstantinou, Y., Mediating and Metasearching on the Internet.
  • Excerpts from two chapters of Modern Information Retrieval.
Note: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Business Rules for E-Commerce
Benjamin Grosof (Senior Research Scientist, IBM T.J. Watson Labs)
  • Grosof, B., Business Rules for E-Commerce: Interoperability and Conflict Handling.
  • Reeves, D., et al., Towards a Declarative Language for Executing Negotiable Contracts.
  • Russell, S. and Norwig, P., Intelligent Agents.
  • Other papers available at
Note: Friday
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Electronic Commerce: Overview of Markets, Auction Theory
Prof. Wedad Elmaghraby
Prof. Arun Sundararajan
  • Roberts, "Perfectly and imperfectly competitivemarkets"
  • Stigler, "Perfect competition, historicallycontemplated"
  • Arthur, "Increasing returns and the two worldsof business". 
  • Klemperer and Bulow, "Auction theory: a guide to the literature"
  • Milgrom, "Auctions and bidding: a primer"
11/3/99Electronic Commerce: Overview of Electronic Markets
Ph.D. Students
  • Bakos, Y. The emerging role of electronic market places on the Internet.
  • Choudhury, Harzel and Konsynski, Uses and consequences of electronic markets
  • Kambil, A., and van Heck., Re-engineering the Dutch Flower Auctions: A Framework for Analyzing Exchange Organizations
  • Malone, T., Yates, and Benjamin., Electronic markets and electronic hierarchies
11/10/99Electronic Commerce: Search and Pricing
Prof. Yannis Bakos
Ph.D. students
  • Diamond, P. "Search Theory"
  • Bakos, Y. "Reducing buyer search costs: implicationsfor electronic marketplaces"
  • Brynjolfsson, E. and Smith, M., "Frictionless commerce:an analysis of Internet and conventional retailers".
11/17/99Electronic Commerce: Virtual Communities
Prof. Lee Sproull
  • Galeghar, J., Sproull, L., and Kiesler, S., Legitimacy, Authority, and Community in Electronic Support Groups.
  • Sproull, L. and Faraj, S., Atheism, Sex and Databases: The Net as a Social Technology.
  • Sproull, L., and Kiesler, S., Reducing Social Context Cues: Electronic Mail in Organizational Communication.
  • Armstrong, A. and Hagel, J., The Real Value of Online Communities. (optional)
  • Hagel, J., and Armstrong, H., Net Gain: Expanding markets through virtual communities.(optional)
Note: Friday
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Electronic Commerce: Doctoral Research at Stern
Arnold Kamis
Marios Koufaris
Wonseok Oh
Shiva Viswanathan
  • Kamis, TBA
  • Koufaris, Kambil and LaBarbera, "Customer retention and unplanned purchases on the web"
  • Oh, "The effects of reduced search costs on search intensity and commodity price dispersion in electronic markets: an empirical study"
  • Viswanathan, TBA
No meeting this week (Thanksgiving)
Electronic Commerce: Patterns of Customer Interaction
Prof. Vasant Dhar

Current Research
Ph.D. students
Will probably evolve, so will be announced a couple of weeks before the session
12/8/99Electronic Commerce: Current Research
Ph.D. students
Will probably evolve, so will be announced a couple of weeks before the session