This is where you'll find links to your course projects and assignments. Keep a close eye on this page!

Assignment 0 Due by the beginning of class on 9/14/99
This one is simple. Just make sure you're connected to the Stern network, and confirm it by sending us email.
  • If you're in Section 3, send email to and
  • If you're in Section 4, send email to and

Assignment 1 (5 points) Due by the beginning of class on 9/21/99
This assignment develops your web browsing and searching skills.

Assignment 2 (10 points) Due by the beginning of class on 9/30/99
This assignment develops your web page building skills.

Assignment 3 (35 points) Due by the beginning of class on 10/19/99
This assignment, to be done in teams of three to five members, develops your Excel and business analysis skills.

Assignment 4 (75 points) Due in two parts, on 1/16/99 and 12/07/99
This assignment asks you to plan a Internet/Web business. In the past, students have really enjoyed this one.
Planning in Advance

Your assignments in this course are going to involve some hands-on stuff, and some deep thinking about the technology and Internet industry. If you're interested in planning ahead, the first thing you should start working on is forming a team of 4 classmates in your section.

Also, if you're new to Stern, explore the labs - get a sense of where they are, and when they're open during the week.

The work you'll do towards your assignments in this course will be a lot of fun. In general, though, less so, if you end up trying to do it all an hour before the deadline....