There are two required parts to completing this assignment (details)
(a) email the spreadsheet to  Betsy (section 3) or Dan (section4) with a copy to Arun, and
(b) submit the report in class

This assignment is to be done in teams of three to five students.  We do not factor in the number of people in your team while grading.

Your project is to create an Internet/technology stock index.  The ten companies in the index are AOL, Amazon, @Home, E*Trade, Yahoo, Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Oracle and Lucent.  These are the ten stocks you worked with in lab session 2.  Start with the spreadsheet you created during the lab.

The index has a base value of 100 on 12/31/98. You already know what the share prices of these companies were on 12/31/98 (based on the spreadsheet from lab session 2). You need to track and record the closing prices (last trade) of the stocks on the following additional eight days: 10/05/99 (already in the spreadsheet), 10/06/99, 10/07/99, 10/08/99, 10/11/99, 10/12/99, 10/13/99 and 10/14/99.  After you have recorded this information, compute the value of the index on each of these days. Also compute the value of each category index (TECH and INTERNET) on each of the days.  Use the methodology we used in the lab session. To find the value of a category index, use the same methodology you use for the overall index, but for just the five stocks in the category.

Your report should contain:

STAPLE YOUR SHEETS TOGETHER!! Use a folder if you wish.  Try and make your report as neat and presentable as possible -- presentation and clarity  count for a great deal in the real world, and you should work towards acquiring skills in this area (play around with formatting, page setup and so on -- there's lots of information in the Excel tutorial about these things).
Your spreadsheet should contain all numbers behind the information in your report.  However, it need not be ordered in any way, or organized sequentially -- to create the report, you can either: If you choose to do the first (printing separate sheets), number the pages by hand; if you use Word, or create a separate worksheet for each part, you can use automatic page numbers. In either case, your report must have page numbers.