ASSIGNMENT 2 (10 points)
Due on or before Thursday, September 30th
(by midnight).
Instructions for submitting the assignment

It might be helpful to read Chapter 9 of the Netscape textbook, to explore the other features of the Composer software you used in the lab session.

1.  Complete creating your index.html page, following the instructions we used during our lab session. 

2.  Using Netscape Composer, or any other authoring tool of your choice, create two more pages, which will eventually be the web pages that come up when you click on the hyperlinks Resume and Links in your index.html page.  The first page should be called resume.html, and the second should be called link.html.  They should contain the following: 

  • resume.html:  This page should contain your current resume.  Here's a sample resume, that you could use as a starting point.  When you're actually looking for a job, you'll probably need to get more professional.  Here are some useful links if you want to create a more elaborate resume.  Feel free to add any other information. 

  • link.html:  This page should contain three or more hyperlinks, to the three web pages you found for your first assignment, and any other web pages you want to add hyperlinks to. Here's a sample links page to get you started. For your reference, the Assignment 1 links  were the following:
    1. The best (in your opinion) web site of any current or old movie, apart from this one: The Blair Witch Project. Ideally, find a site that is the official movie web site (though if you find one that is better than the official site, feel free to submit that -- you won't lose any credit).

    2. The web site of a person who shares your name (preferably both last and first). Try and find someone whose background/achievements you find interesting.

    3. A web site which features a collection of audio files, or one or more audio files that you particularly like.
In addition, you can put in any other hyperlinks you want to.  After you create each page, check to see whether it looks the way you want it to, by clicking on the Preview button.  After this, upload it to the Stern Web Server.  Instructions on how to do this are in our lab instructions.  You will need to upload the files one by one.  Make sure that the file name under HTML Filename is correct (i.e. resume.html or links.html).  After you publish both pages, go to your URL, and test the two links you created in index.html (during the lab session). In other words, clicking on Resume should take you to your newly created resume.html page, and clicking on Links should take you to the newly created  link.html page. 

Instructions for submitting the assignment: After you're done creating these pages, and publish them, you need to email your home page URL to Arun and Betsy (section 3), or Arun and Dan (section 4). You do not need to print the pages, or submit anything on paper.
Make sure that the subject of your email is Assignment 2