ASSIGNMENT 1 (5 points)
Due on or before Tuesday, September 21st
(by the beginning of class)

Using your favorite search engine, find the following:
  1. The best (in your opinion) web site of any current or old movie, apart from this one: The Blair Witch Project. Ideally, find a site that is the official movie web site (though if you find one that is better than the official site, feel free to submit that -- you won't lose any credit).

  2. The web site of a person who shares your name (preferably both last and first). Try and find someone whose background/achievements you find interesting.

  3. A web site which features a collection of audio files, or one or more audio files that you particularly like.

Deliverables (what you need to submit):
  • A one page printout of each web site (so three pages in all). Write down the URL of the page on the printout. Write your name in UPPER CASE on each printout, and staple your printouts together.
  • A one to two line description (write this on the printout of the first page) explaining:
    1. what you liked about the movie web site you chose.
    2. what you think could be improved on the movie web site you chose.

Some search resources Search tips
Search engines and directories can differ in the way that they interpret search queries. Here are some resources that help you in your web searches: