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My current program of research studies the economics of information technology markets. Selected topics include price screening for technology goods, pricing and demand evolution in network industries, managing digital piracy, the economics of digital convergence, competition in the wireless industry, and evolutionary organizational learning in nascent technology markets. I also continue to study the impact of information technology on organizational structure and scope.

Some recent papers

  • Nonlinear pricing and type-dependent network effects 

  • Nonlinear Pricing of Information Goods (revised, July 2003)  

  • Pricing Digital Marketing: Information, Risk Sharing and Performance 

  • Managing Digital Piracy: Pricing, Protection and Welfare 

  • Network Effects, Nonlinear Pricing and Entry Deterrence 

  • Competing in Markets with Digital Convergence (with Ravi Mantena) 

  • Product Scope and Entry Deterrence in Technology Markets (with Ravi Mantena) 

  • Selected recent presentations

  • Nonlinear Pricing with Network Effects
    Presented at the 2003 meeting of the Society for Advancement of Economic Theory, July 2003.

  • Managing Digital Piracy
    Presented at the 2003 annual congress of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues, June 2003.

  • Digital Convergence, Product Architecture and Market Structure
    Presented (by Ravi Mantena) at the 14th Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE), December 2002.

  • Pricing Information Goods
    Presented at the University of Pennsylvania, December 2002; University of Rochester, November 2002; Carnegie-Mellon University, October 2002.