Lab 1 Instructions: Creating a Home Page
  1. Open Netscape Communicator
  2. In Navigator, go to the site For instance, if your Stern email ID is abc123, go to the site:
  3. Choose Edit Page from the File menu. Netscape Composer will open, with ‘index.html’ as the current document.
  4. Save this file on your shared network drive, by clicking on the Save button on the toolbar. Do not change the current file name.
  5. Now make the appropriate changes to the following elements:
  1. Save your work (do this after each step).
  2. Set the properties of this page. To do this:
  1. Create two hyperlinks: ‘Resume’ and ‘Links’ To do this:

  2. (a) Type in the word ‘Resume’
    (b) Highlight it.
    (c) Click on the Link tool button on the toolbar
    (d) Under Link to a page location or local file,  type in ‘resume.html’
    (e) Click on OK.  'Un-highlight' the word ‘Resume’; notice that it is now blue, and underlined.
    (f) Hold the Shift key down, and hit Enter twice.
    (g) Slowly spin around in your chair twice
    (h) Repeat (a)-(f) for ‘Links’, using the page location ‘link.html’ in (d).
  1. After saving your work again, check to see what it looks like. To do this, just click on the Preview button on the toolbar.. Your page will show up in Netscape Navigator.
  2. Now upload your page to the Stern Web server: