Second half of semester
Session/DateTopics, Readings
S15: 10/26/99The Digital Economy 1: The retail e-commerce value chain (brief)
Recommended: Doing business in the wired World (pp.56-59)
S16: 10/28/99The Digital Economy 2: Web music -- Technology issues, intermediaries, distribution channels
Required: Music on the Web
S17: 11/02/99The Digital Economy 3: Disintermediation on the web, technology standards and increasing returns, music as an information good.
Required: Music on the Web
S18: 11/04/99The Digital Economy 4: The e-commerce value chain -- Search and valuation.
Required: The auction economy
Required: Buyer's Market (not online yet)
S19: 11/09/99The Digital Economy 5: Valuation (continued), logistics and delivery systems
Required: Can you sell groceries like books?
Required: Going postal
S20: 11/11/99The Digital Economy 6: Digital cash, payment methods on the WWW
Required: Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom
S21: 11/16/99The Digital Economy 7: Encryption and Information Security
Required: An Introduction to Information Security (sections 1 to 3)
S22: 11/18/99Business Models in Technology 1: Network goods, increasing returns and technological lock-in
Required: Increasing returns and the two worlds of business
Recommended: Brian Arthur on his theories(sections 1 and 2)
S23: 11/23/99Business Models in Technology 2: More on increasing returns, the Microsoft antitrust case
Required: Increasing returns and the two worlds of business
Recommended: The trials of Netscape
S24: 11/30/99Business Models in Technology 3: Sustainable competitive advantage, Internet patents, and Microsoft.
Required: The trouble with Internet patents
Required: A Net monopoly no longer
S25: 12/02/99Current Topics: The impact of the web on retail finance and investment banking.
Required: A nation of traders
Required: Case study: Charles Schwab & Company
S26: 12/07/99Current Topics: The open source revolution
Required: Open Season
S27: 12/09/99Current Topics: Technology and business-to-business commerce
Required: Tidal Wave (not online yet)
Required: B2B exchanges explained (not online yet)

First half of semester
Class topics, Readings
S1: 9/7/99Introduction: Course overview, overview of information systems
S2: 9/9/99Understanding Information: Data, information and knowledge, types of information, representing information, properties of information.
Class handout: Understanding Information
S3: 9/14/99Internet and Web Basics 1: The physical Internet, domain names, email, the WWW, IP addresses and URLs, web servers, HTTP and HTML.
NET 3-10, 27-29
Optional: SENN Chapter 3
S4: 9/16/99Internet and Web Basics 2: Finding information on the Web, directories and search engines, web publishing.
NET 43-49, 58-61; browse through NET Chapter 9
S4: 9/21/99Internet and Web Basics (wrap-up): Finding information on the Web, directories and search engines, web publishing.
NET 43-49, 58-61; browse through NET Chapter 9
S6: 9/23/99Hardware: The basic model of computing, chips, microprocessors and memory, types of computers, data storage devices, the stored program concept
Class handout: Hardware Fundamentals
Class handout: Apple's new processors (CNET, 8/30/99)
Optional: Saved: What death can't destroy and how to digitize it (Wired, 9/98).
Optional: SENN Chapter 4 and 5
L1: 9/24/99Lab Session: Publishing a web page on the WWW
In L100, 1:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Publishing a Web Page at Stern
S7: 9/28/99Software: Algorithms, programs and programming languages, source and executable code, operating systems and application software.
Class handout: Software Fundamentals
Class handout: Free Software from Anywhere? (Business Week, 9/13/99)
Optional: SENN Chapter 2, 60-70
S8: 9/30/99Networks 1: Types of networks, network protocols, communications channels
Class handout: Networking Fundamentals
Optional: SENN Chapter 10, 458-471
S9: 10/05/99Networks 2: Modems and network interfaces, interconnecting networks, data-voice-video convergence, broadband.
Class handout: Networking Fundamentals
Class handout: The 20-Ton Packet (online in October)Optional: Meet Cisco's Mr. Internet (Business Week, 9/13/99)
Optional: SENN Chapter 10, 472-478
S10: 10/07/99Technology Case Discussion: Coding and distributing music on the Web
Class handout: 'Music on the Web' case articles
L2: 10/08/99Lab Session: Microsoft Excel hands-on. In L100, 1:00 - 5:30 p.m.Do Excel CD Session 1 and 2 before the lab
S11: 10/12/99Business Modeling 1: Elements of business modeling, good spreadsheet design
Excel CD Session 1
Optional: SENN Chapter 6, 254-260
S12: 10/14/99Business Modeling 2: Using functions, absolute and relative references, visual representations of information
Excel CD Sessions 3 and 5
Optional: SENN Chapter 6, 264-281
S13: 10/19/99Business Modeling 3: Problem solving

Class handout: Solving problems using Excel
S14: 10/21/99Midterm Examination
All material covered so far

Required textbook
Netscape Communicator and the World Wide Web (referred to as ‘NET’)

Required CD-ROM:
Advantage InteractiveSoftware Tutorial - Microsoft Excel ‘97 (referred to as ‘Excel CD’)

Recommended textbook:
Information Technology inBusiness: Principles, Practices and Opportunities, by James A. Senn (referred to as SENN).