Information technology has fundamentally altered the way organizations and markets operate, particularly in the last decade or so. These changes have resulted in I.T. becoming an integral part of every business professional's life, whatever their field: financial services, consulting, marketing, operations or human resources.

The objective of this course is to impart a basic understanding of the key concepts that govern how management information systems work, and how they enable new forms of organization and commerce. An allied purpose is to familiarize each student with commonly used business analysis/modeling and Web publishing tools.

Central to the advances in the last few years has been the widespread proliferation of the Internet and the World-Wide Web; in the second half of the course, detailed attention will be given to topics surrounding electronic commerce, the network economy, and other technology trends we forsee as being crucial to managers of the future.

Projects and Assignments: 125 points
Class and Web Participation: 50 points
Midterm Examination: 150 points
Final Examination: 175 points
Arun Sundararajan
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